Isaac George Wilson Balinda is an advisor of Tooro Initiative for Socio-Economic Development (TISEDU-U). He is a graduate of The Ugandan Co-operative College Bukalasa and the Institute of Administrative Accounting and Data processing [UK]. He worked with the Ugandan Co-operative Development Department ( 1973-1975 ) and then with National Textiles Board [Accounting Department], and then as a Depot Manager with Lebel East Africa Limited ( [A Textile Marketing Company 1976-1979 ). In the 80s, he worked with the International Christian Aid [ A Christian Relief and Rehabilitation Agency from U.S. ] , as a Logistics Officer, and as a Founder of the Redeemed Society of the Lord Churches in East Africa. He moved to the United States in 1973, and is the President of the Kingdom Solution Ministries International and Friends of Torro North America [A philanthropy organization], all based in Boston, Massachusetts. He is married, with 6 children and two grandchildren.