Dr. Ivan Edwards is an Advisor with the Tooro Initiative for Socio-Economic Development (TISED-U)

He is a Ugandan native, born in Kampala-who migrated and is now settled in the USA. He is a US trained medical doctor, ex-pastor, USAF Reserve flight surgeon (at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel), and an entrepreneur.

As a physician, Dr. Edwards is an expert in rehabilitation and comprehensive pain management. He sees patients who have had trauma, injury, and present with musculoskeletal and /or neurological disorders, including low back, joint and extremity pain. As a former pastor, he was involved in church-planting and is co-founder of Healing Springs Ministries in Uganda. He is a proud veteran and military officer still serving in the USAF Reserves as a flight surgeon. He is also the CEO and owner of JOVANA Rehabilitation
Medicine and Pain, and IEME LLC, both located in San Antonio, Texas.

Dr. Edwards is also a public speaker and community leader. He speaks on topics and issues related to health, self-employment, social inequities, and environmental degradation.
His leadership roles in the areas of ministry, medicine, and community advocacy contribute a great blessing to TISED-U, to the people of Tooro and to Uganda as a whole.